The Wright Avenue

Evil funk from Greensboro, NC. The Wright Ave brings dynamic movements through sound right into your body. They’ll have you bouncing all night!

Slick Mahoneys

Slick Mahoneys is an Electronic Rock duo from Wilmington NC. These guys have developed their own sound fusing live sampling with dance & electronic vibes. This duo is hitting the festival scene hard and becoming one of North Carolina’s finest up and coming bands. Be on the look out for Slick Mahoneys near you.

Dubtown Cosmonauts

Dubtown Cosmonauts are a collaboration of musicians whose hearts and souls rest in the beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina. Their high-energy, audience-captivating sets will bring you everything you could possibly want in a live show: funky, upbeat originals, mind-bending solos coming at you from all angles, and an impressive and eclectic catalog of carefully selected covers that keep the audience wondering which musical direction the band will take them next.

Electric Soul Pandemic

Electric Soul Pandemic (ESP) delivers high energy, high spirited music with a good time vibe in partnership with stimulating lights, sights and sounds keeping you and the party dancing all night long.

Cosmic Superheroes

North Carolina’s Cosmic Superheroes blend creative songwriting, catchy lyrics, and danceable improv jams, vowing to give audiences a unique experience each show. A fun addition to the Southeast music scene, these guys consistently create interesting moments shifting between many styles packaged into cartons of joy.

Psylo Joe

Psylo Joe is an improvisational psychedelic rock trio based out of Greenville, NC.

Buddhagraph Spaceship

Buddhagraph Spaceship is an American rock band from Asheville, North Carolina with roots stretching from the old time to the far side and all foundations between. Creating a bridge between acoustic and electronic improvisation, they blend elements of Funk, Jam, Folk, Bluegrass, Gypsy Jazz, Americana, Progressive Rock, Reggae, and much more to achieve their eclectic sound. With a passion for creativity and the motivation to push boundaries, the band functions upon a musical paradigm for the further of artistic expression.


Rockabilly/Honky-Tonk with a flair for classic horror, drive-in diners, and Halloween. And we bite.

Les Brux

Les Brux is a blues oriented rock, jam and funk band with subtle influences of folk and songwriter esque lyrics to match located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Skuns

The Skuns are a funky groove-based jam band based in Raleigh, NC. They are a versatile group that specializes in high energy danceable funk and exploratory improvisational jams, as well as blues, jazz, and southern rock stylings.

Urban Soil

Hailing from North Carolina, Urban Soil weaves Americana, rock and soul into their explosive live shows and polished recordings. Their studio albums reflect the uncompromising energy that Urban Soil consistently delivers live, and are a stimulating representation of the band’s skillful-yet–visceral sound. Urban Soil has the unique ability of capturing the energy of their live shows and translating it to their studio recordings, resulting in an electrifying experience with every listen. Influenced by early roots elements, Urban Soil uniquely fuses those sounds with a fresh take, delivering a blend of raw, nostalgic sounds with a modern and glistening slant.

Sarah Reinke fronts the band on vocals, guitar and percussion including an occasional electrified washboard. Guitarist and vocalist, Eric Chesson, delivers forceful and driving components with every lick, and offers steadfast vocals. Greg Meckley’s skillful violin, vocals and percussion playing blends tight layers and bright sounds that solidify the band smoothly against driving guitars. Holding down the rhythm section, Jonathan Wilson and Leo Kishore provide a concrete foundation on drums and bass respectively.

The Haunted Hive Trail

The Haunted Hive Trail — a mini halloween haunted trail created by Heter Pan and The Dubtown Cosmonauts, bringing a scary, theatrical twist to your festival experience… Born out of historic and haunted Wilmington, the Haunted Hive Trail is an extension of Heter Pan’s mastermind envision to bring Halloween scares to you during October music festivals… this year, to the dark woods at the Jive Hive! Walk the haunted trail only on Saturday night…. if you dare!