2022 Lineup

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Dr. Bacon

DR. BACON is a 6 Piece touring Appalachian Funk, Grass and Rock & Roll band. Wielding a diverse instrumentation with broad, deep musical influences allows the band to perform a plethora of energetic, accessible, and danceable music.

They will be performing for two nights at The Graveyard Getdown!

A Good Trip: A Psychedelic Comedy Show with Shane Mauss

Shane Mauss has been an international touring comedian for over 12 years. He’s appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, Showtime, Conan, and has specials on Comedy Central and Netflix. He’s recently even thrown his own music festival, Mind Under Matter Fest! We are excited for Shane Mauss to bring his psychedelic comedy show that combines comedy, science, and psychedelics to The Graveyard Getdown Music & Haunt Fest!

Deep River’s Haunted Trail

A Halloween haunted trail created by Heter Pan and The Dubtown Cosmonauts. Bringing a scary, theatrical twist to your festival experience. Take a walk through the dark woods on the haunted grounds of The Jive Hive Saturday Night at The Graveyard Getdown Music & Haunt Festival if you DARE.


TYMELLORD holds a special place in the NC community. For many years he has held down the underground in Greenville NC and surrounding areas. Cultivating his unique blend of dubstep, hip hop, left-field bass music, and turntablism. TYMELLORD has played across the state alongside acts such as Supertask, Liquid Stranger, K.L.O and more!


A songwriting trio of veteran musicians, who are driven by writing, recording, and performing original songs. They like monsters, movies about monsters, songs about monsters, songs about movies about monsters…and Hank.

Electric Soul Pandemic

Electric Soul Pandemic (ESP) is a quartet from Greensboro, North Carolina that specializes in funk rock fusion and soaring, exploratory jams. Featuring sonic guitar and effects (Randy Elliott), a howling Moog and synth keyboards (Jay Beverly), and the confident backbone of drum and bass (Justin Heter and Scott Nichols), ESP has formulated their sounds over ten years in the vibrant North Carolina “jam” and festival scene. ESP pulls from different moods and genres in creating their recipes and will prove a revelation to both the first-time listener and the established ESP fan.


Wheeler & Son

A rockin’ country blues duo based out of Lemon Springs, North Carolina!

Cosmic Superheroes

A genre-bending rock quartet from Raleigh, NC, Cosmic Superheroes blend creative songwriting, catchy lyrics with interesting jams, vowing to give audiences a unique experience each show. A fun addition to the Southeast music scene, these guys consistently create interesting moments shifting between many styles and moods.  In September of 2022, they will release their 4th studio album which is sure to make waves in the Raleigh area and beyond.  Produced by John Custer in collaboration with Raleigh Brewing Company, HELL YES MA’AM SESSIONS features the accidental anthem of Raleigh’s most famous beer as well as a cover of one of Raleigh’s most famous tunes of all time.  Expect Cosmic concoctions of heady songwriting, mesmerizing riffs, and blazing grooves, layered with tons of harmony.

Dubtown Cosmonauts

From the beautiful coasts of North Carolina, Dubtown Cosmonauts is a groove-rock outlet providing listeners with a blend of nostalgia and a refreshing new-age verve. Lyrically diverse, their songwriting goes from whimsical to reverent, weaving a unique tale at every show. In addition to their lyrical prowess, Dubtown takes audiences on impressive improvisational voyages that always leave them grinning and spinning their night away.

All of these indulgences aside, the glue that holds Dubtown together is a motif of togetherness and humility: the audience is just as much of a part of the band as the people standing on the stage, and every single person at a Dubtown show is an active contributor to the live music experience. This philosophy is very apparent in the music itself, and renders itself to an inclusive and positive experience for all who hear it… …After all, “We’re all Dubtown”